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Monday, February 21, 2011

Wonderful Weekend!

First of all, we had some of the most wonderful springlike weather this past weekend! (well, until Sunday afternoon, that is). I was out and about Saturday getting my eyes checked (had the pupils dilated this time ... what a treat!). I purchased my seeds and obtained a 4-tier greenhouse from Menards for $20! That's $10 off! We all went out to eat as a family at Culver's and sure goofed off. We all went to Goodwill, and I was finally able to find myself a pair of jeans. Kellie got sunglasses and Alex got a suit jacket and khakis. Chris and Alex picked up hay and straw while Kellie and I dropped birthday cards off at my parents' house. We had a quick dinner and all piled in the vehicle to go see True Grit for a second time (Alex's first). That's the first movie I went to the theatre to see a second time in a long time!

Sunday afternoon it snowed ferociously again! We got about 9 inches overall. At one point there were 10 doves lining the backyard fence.

This morning when I went to do chores (too cold for Juneau to meet me at the back door), Bruce, the little buckling, was jumping all around all over the place! How adorable!

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