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Monday, August 23, 2010

Up to now ...

Well, Nanny died, and there is nothing we could have done to stop it. I finally was able to reach in and push back the vertebrae which released a large bone, and then everything else seemed to start coming out. The whole vertebrae complete with ribs and innards came out. The ordeal exhausted Nanny who was in pain and was so tired she died that night. She fought so hard! It is good that she died before we went on vacation. I'd have hated for her to have died while we were gone on vacation.

And what a vacation it was! The Canadian Rockies are so awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping amazing!!! I'll post a few pictures with this ... I alternated between my jaw hanging down onto the floorboards of the Mountaineer to trying to sing some hymns to just being dumbfounded. The beauty was incredible, and all I could think of is that our magnificent God made it all!

My aunt and uncle who live in Kalispell were wonderful to stay with!!! I have yet to send them a thank you note, but that is coming ... I'd like to send a photo or two as well, but I don't have them all printed out. My cousin Mark and his wife, Monica, are such wonderful people with 2 absolutely adorable kids!!!! Their little ones are just hilarious and beautiful and wonderful! We enjoyed 2 meals with my relations, and they were like the very best parties!
Glacier and Waterton parks were beautifully landscaped by the hands of God! And the trip home, while exhausting was filled with wonderful sights and history. Our family travels so well together. We went from our house in Ravenna to Alex's in Rockford to Sault Ste. Marie and around the north side of Lake Superior (the best of all the great lakes), across Canada and their wonderful farms and mosquito-filled fields to Jasper, Alberta, Canada. Then down into Yoho and Banff in British Columbia to Kalispell, Montana. And that just takes you from Thursday evening to Monday. Then Friday we headed out across Montana. Saturday found us visiting Fort Union and the northern part of Theodore Roosevelt NP and straight through to Manitowoc, Wisconsin by Sunday to catch the SS Badger to Ludington. We watched Shrek 4 and played Bingo, and finally we landed in our own house by 9:30pm, and I still have luggage that needs emptying all over the house!!!!! But I'm not complaining. It was too wonderful of a trip to complain.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Nanny died this past Sunday. Too much for her to take, I think.