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Friday, February 18, 2011

Lily's Babies

Yesterday when I arrived home from work, I went straight out to the barn ... expecting still very fat goats. Chris was in the barn asking me if I had received his message and telling me that Lily had her babies! She had twins! Last year, she had one that got stuck and died, and this year she had twins! I was a little concerned for the little doe, however. She was walking around on her back toes/knuckles and wouldn't straighten them. She also didn't show much sign in suckling. We FINALLY left them alone to have dinner and watch some tv, and at around 10:30pm, we went back out to the barn and the little silver doe was standing on straightened legs and went after her brother to try to suckle. They are so funny about it! Both of them looked for teats on Lily's chest. Eventually, the little buck got himself in the right place, and then the little grey doe tried and tried and tried to find a teat. I was getting a little concerned, but encouraged that she was at least trying! Finally, big brother got out of the way, and she was able to take a turn. It's funny, but they both have to suckle from the same teat. I don't know if they realize that there are two of them! This morning all three goats, mom and kids, were doing really well! Now, if Lucy would just go and get done cooking her kids and give birth! That would be great! We're expecting twins from her as well. If she delivers in the next couple of days we can keep them if they are girls. They won't be Freddie's kids.

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