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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hello from the land of snow!

We still have quite a bit of snow on the ground by our house! It was nice and sunny this morning with traffic on 96 going very slow because of the morning sunshine! Chris did chores for me this morning because we were expecting Kellie's school to be closed (which it wasn't) and therefore, I was running behind. It's getting easier and easier to get in and out of our driveway with all the ruts we've made going in and out. Last night, on my way from Coopersville to home, I made the mistake of taking Blackmer. It hadn't been plowed from the start of the storm on Sunday. It was hideous and really worked my arms as I tried to pick a rut through the snow.

With any luck and perseverance, I should be able to get my truck mid-April. I really hope so!

Unfortunately, we're supposed to be getting more snow in the next 7 days. Bleh. But it should get to 40 degrees on Thursday! Spring is coming! I just don't believe it yet. I have too much I'm looking forward to! (ie: NEW TRUCK!!!!!)

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