A family farm

Friday, July 1, 2011

Eee Iii Eee Iii Ooo

A little snippet of my chores duty as of this morning ... after having 2 little does born yesterday, buying 2 adult does and about 25 chickens (about 13 of which are roosters) ...

Get up and throw some barn clothes on
Grab scoop of cat food
Go to chicken coop and get the chickie water and the chicken water

Then I take a walk around the garden to the barn

See how my tomatoes and beans are growing?
Then it is off to feed Juno and take care of the goats

After I water the goats and give them sweet feed and hay, I get to drop water off back by the chickens and deposit the scoop for the cat food back in its bag and get in the shower to go to work!