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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Preparing for Gardening Season

Did you know that gardening season starts in March and doesn't end until Christmas? I was just reading up about brussel sprouts and rethinking just which garden I was going to plant them in (I decided that Garden 2, for the squash, pumpkins, pickles and cucumbers would be best), and learned that you can continue to harvest right on into December. It's the same thing for Kale. I suppose I'm just going to have to find that out for myself. A couple of years ago, I planted Kale and it grew quite large and was very beautiful. I harvested it before the first frost, not knowing that I had even a couple of months to harvest it and couldn't get it all snipped and cleaned and par-boiled to freeze until most of it had really started to wilt and die and smell bad. It was pretty pathetic. Right after that I found out that I could have left it in the garden until after the snow flew, although January's temperatures would have just frozen the great green stuff to bits. Now, since brussel sprouts are planted so late in the spring, I can get them in among my squash and pumpkins. Brussel sprouts take up quite a bit of room. I'm really looking forward to giving them a shot! They are one of my most favorite vegetables. Carrots are great, too - and garden carrots are absolutely the best!

Now, about that little greenhouse I was thinking of building instead of waiting for a free shed to dismantle and reconstruct: I'm going to not build it. It really is too small. I have my eyes on the shed variety and there is someone with one that I like that I saw as I was cruising the countryside one day. Perhaps I'll have to stop by and see how it was constructed. I may just have to build the frames and floor myself without having the benefit of picking up a free shed. We'll see. First I'll get the 4-tier greenhouse and plant that on my deck until I'm able to get the deck stained.

Also, the doggone goats are still very pregnant. Or their just extremely fat and faking it!

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