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Monday, February 28, 2011

This Weekend

This past weekend I pretty much spring-cleaned my kitchen and dining area. The living room still looked ok from my cleaning out the snow-related decor from before. In the morning as I did chores I had to take the dogs out back for a walk because I saw an eagle and wanted to see if I could get a better view. It flew away. There was a large flock of turkeys gobbling to the east of me. I couldn't see them, but I could really hear them. It must be interesting being a wild animal roaming about. We had friends over and played cards Saturday evening as it snowed. Yes, I said snowed. Bleh! Sunday morning on the way to church, in the field near Greg's house, there was a very large flock of turkeys. And I saw another eagle over by the dump. The birds were really enjoying the feeders today. The flicker is back as with the other woodpeckers (red-headed and hairy). Titmouses and nuthatches like the sunflower seeds as do the blue jays! It gets rather colorful out there. I'm going to put out an orange this Saturday. I put together my 4-tier greenhouse as well. It should do the job just fine. I have it set up in our dining area by the slider for now. Sometime this week there will be filled flats. I don't intend to try to do that on Saturday or Sunday. There is too much to do with the HOME & GARDEN SHOW!!!! ALEX!!! and the PROGRESSIVE DINNER at church.

Tami's knee has been swollen and bothering her. This morning, however, I watched her run around and try to keep up better with her brother. They are sure violent when it comes to feeding time with mama Lily. No wonder the kids have been trying hay! I wouldn't want to take that shoving either! Feeding times are getting a bit short. In just another week, they should all be back in the other pen to go outside with all the other goats. I just want Tami's knee to heal a little more and for the weather to improve!

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