A family farm

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I sure had a wonderful birthday weekend. This one probably left me feeling better than year's previous. I think part of the reason is because I really wasn't expecting very much. I did expect to go out to eat for pizza with the family, I did expect to see a movie with my family, but that was about it. Instead, I received probably the most beautiful card from my husband, some extremely needed quality time, and a major dose of appreciation by my family. You know how it gets when you are extremely busy. You start to feel taken advantage of when it's up to you to come up with everything from the smallest meal to an immaculate house. I have to say, I always fail in the immaculate house part. We are constantly cleaning up after our dogs. One is very old, and he eats any trash he can get into. It gives him indigestion, and he has accidents. Harley, the doberman, also has an accident now and then, but she hasn't developed the camel bladders the older 2 dogs have. Needless to say, it seems my house always has some sort of pet smell to it. The smallest meal can be coming up with a snack for my daughter's lunch or a frozen pizza dinner. Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming. I am the type of person who aims to please all those around her, and sometimes I fall short; especially in the meal department. I know there is stuff Chris doesn't care for. There are things Kellie and Alex don't want to eat (not so much for Kellie). I always feel I have to do my best to please them all. Today I started early with praise team, and after church, we had a rehearsal. Chris very thoughtfully put together a dinner that was absolutely delicious. My favorite part: I didn't have to cook this home made meal. I also didn't have to come up with the meal plan. It was pretty fantastic.

Another plus: I have tomorrow off work. I don't think, after putting in over 10 hours for two days last week, that I absolutely NEED an extra day in my weekend. I'm so glad I have it. The day will be spent making Christmas candy and setting up the tree we cut down today. It feels so good not to have to go in to work tomorrow. I'm still all compressed from being stressed so badly. I need the extra day to recouperate. Speaking of rest, I'd better get some.