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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This is my first review of a book that I have read through BookSneeze. Unlike what I usually read, MacArthur is a non-fiction biography. Having had two grandfathers that served during World War II, I thought this would be an insightful read. Little did I know exactly how much I would learn about the growing wild west, about West Point, about the Phillippines and the Pacific Theatre of WWII. I'm not saying there were oodles of details given about all of this, but in reading about one man's experiences throughout it all, I gained a new perspective about these historical times.

The book encompasses Douglas MacArthur's illustrious military career beginning with the service of his grandfather and ending with the end of MacArthur's career in the Korean War. It was an easy read, and when I finished, I was inspired to try to learn more about my grandfather's service in the Pacific (one grandfather served in Europe while the other was a signalman in the Navy and served in the Pacific). I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has any interest in WWII and/or Douglas MacArthur. Complete with photos that are wisely placed at the ends of each section of MacArthur's life, and drawing off Douglas MacArthur's own memoirs, Reminiscences, MacArthur paints a fairly accurate of MacArthur's service with the American military.

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