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Monday, May 9, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

No gardening was done ... but it was still a wonderful weekend. I was able on Saturday to deliver a goat to a horse farm in Lowell. It was a wonderful trip taken at first with the back roads, but then later by highway. This farm is at a beautiful location with 2 very large ponds and amazing rolling hills. BEAUTIFUL! I was able to wash the chicken smell off my hands (I took 6 chickens to the auction on my way out), and replace the soapy smell with that of horse. Oh, what an amazing scent! Then, I had to shop for a few things, and as it was getting late, I picked up some fried chicken from the grocery store for our lunch. It is so delicious. I stopped by the auction, but they hadn't yet made it to the poultry - only one auctioneer. The chicken refreshed us (me and the kids - Chris was out getting the summer sermons ready with our pastor and 2 others). I ran out to the auction one more time and found Chris. We both went home. I had cleaning to do. He was able to eat and take a nap. When that was over at around five pm, he stopped back down at the auction and found out we made $17.50 on the 6 chickens. That's not bad at all considering two of them didn't lay worth anything. I think we may rotate our chickens with the auction in the future. It makes for a quick sale.

My friend Heidi came for a visit. I hadn't seen her in around fifteen years! We had a wonderful visit and thoroughly enjoyed the steaks on the grill and twice micro-baked potatoes and brownies topped with Hudsonville's strawberry chocolate chunk ice cream. She stayed until about 11pm.

Sunday, Chris preached. He did such a fantastic job! I can't express how wonderful it is to hear your husband preach at church! It was a great experience. And he did such a good job! He has some pretty wonderful guys that he works with who were able to give him plenty of advice and tips and helped shape his sermon. I'm looking forward to his next experience!

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