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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Frustrated with the Rain

I tried to rototill my back garden (which will become my entire vegetable garden next year), and I ran into huge problems with moisture and huge puddles. There would be no rototilling this yet. Oh, my squash and pumpkins are going to be planted late, but I hope that doesn't hurt anything. I hope I still end up with a good crop even if I can't get it in until Sunday. I feel like I am planting so late! I didn't count on this and squash and pumpkins and pickles don't transplant well. We'll see. The main garden is planted, but I'd like a few more tomatoes. I'm not sure where I'd put them, however. Strawberry crop looks good so far. I haven't been looking for slugs, yet. Probably should.

We started some fertilized eggs Sunday morning, but they've been sitting for a week. I'm not sure if we'll get anything out of them, but they are started. We're now looking for lumber and chicken wire to build a turkey coop. I guess that's the next critter on our to get list. We'd like to be able to start making a little money off our farm. We'll more than likely go from turkeys to pheasants to peacocks. Welcome to Decker's Acres - the growing farm aviary!

Bruce was sold on Sunday. I think he's going to a good home. They seemed pleasant enough people.

Neighbors haven't planted our back 6 yet. I wonder if they'll be doing that this weekend yet. If so, I'd like to see if they could disc up my back garden for me. It would at least give me a start.

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