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Thursday, April 14, 2011

This week

All the plants I've started in my little 4-tier greenhouse in my house have sprouted up. I had to re-do some brussel sprouts, and I'm not convinced that they will actually make it out to the back garden, but it's worth a try. We've had a couple of visitors to our property. The other day I had a Canada goose following me around while I did chores. He spent about 2 hours on our property. The next morning (Sunday) the neighbor's rooster paid us a visit. He was over later in the week as well (last Thursday), and again earlier this week. I think he thinks our chickens are breeders, but we don't want chickies. Oh, well. The daffodils planted in the median and along business 31 in Muskegon have bloomed. Mine have nice big buds, but they aren't there yet. All the trees are getting ready to burst forth, but haven't quite made it to the jumping off point yet.

Freddie is back at our farm. We'll find out in a couple of months if he was successful with his being pimped out. I told the other farm owners they could borrow him again in September if none of their nannys got pregnant yet. We'll see. Freddie thought he could take over his herd again, but he wasn't counting on William, our new Nubian wether. William holds his ground.

Tami died. We let her go to the farm that we got William from, and she had seizures and died that day. They will get Clare. I've got to put an ad up for Evan and Bruce in a couple of weeks.

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