A family farm

Monday, April 18, 2011

Snow ...

Yes, it has been snowing. First there was snow Saturday evening, but it didn't accumulate. Today, there are 2 inches of the dreaded (it is April 18) white stuff outside of the building here at work. It is just depressing!!! On a brighter note, it was kind of nice yesterday. I got 4 solar lights put into the posts at the gates of our backyard fence. It looks cool! Definitely better than a tiki torch that could torch the entire thing! I purchased a weeping willow tree and we planted that yesterday as well. Harley went through a little bit more farm-dog-in-training. Kayleigh is an old pro at being a farm dog. She sticks right to your side when outside the fence. I'd like to be able to let Harley out as well and not worry about her getting into too much mischief.

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