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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Goats and Chickens, Oh my!

Saturday we (the whole family) went to the Ravenna auction. They have one every Saturday. It's a big junk, plant, rabbit and chicken sale. We had to pick up some fertilized eggs because Alex's mom bought an incubator and is going to have Alex's little sisters turn the eggs and watch the chicks hatch. First, we bought 4 more Barred Rock hens at $3.50/each. Then, after a very, very long wait, we picked up 2 dozen mixed eggs and learned that most of the eggs were Ameraucana, a couple of them were brown and 2 of them were Marans (dark dark brown). The cost was a grand total of $1.20. We also bid on 9 turkey eggs and got them for $4.10! If all hatch and survive their young months, we could make some good money selling the turkeys and male chickens. If we get a male and female turkey, we are going to keep a pair. We did get some bad news, however. It seems that the incubator was a little defective and may have over-cooked the eggs. We'll know in a couple of weeks.

That afternoon, we let the chickens out, and then we brought the goats to the backyard. It was pretty fantastic!
Group eating

Mama Lily and Bruce


Bruce and younger cousin Evan

Red in the mud

Besties Brian and Ginger


Red still in the mud


Barnyard in the Backyard!

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