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Monday, April 12, 2010

What a Wonderful Weekend!!!!

Yesterday had to have been one of the most beautiful days I've experienced this spring!! I know spring hasn't come close to passing, but this is the best spring I've experienced in my life! I usually hate spring because my spring fever gets way out of control. But not this year! Yesterday I enjoyed singing in praise team, church was fantastic, the brunch after church was delicious and Chris' preaching at the Hume Home was great! Then we went home. Lily still hasn't had her baby(ies) yet. Poor kid. But beyond that, Chris grilled venison tenderloins. We also had baked potatoes and asparagus ... OUTSIDE!!!! we ate at the picnic table. I think that is the first time we've eaten there since we got it. We usually eat on the deck, but we haven't put the deck furniture out yet because it needs staining. Then we did a little work on my rototiller, which is just not working. But I decided I'd get some hoe-ing done anyway. Kellie and I worked up 1/3 of the garden and planted peas, onions, spinach and romaine. Then she and I went and walked around the property to peruse stuff we planted last year that. The apple trees are sprouting leave. I think the deer pruned them well. I'm not touching them. The grapes haven't started yet, but I don't think I've seen anybody's started yet. My hostas haven't pushed thru yet, and I'm a bit concerned. We'll see in a couple of weeks. The butterfly bush also doesn't look like much of anything yet. The raspberries and blackberries all have sprouts of greenery - YUM! And then up front, all of the new shrubs are getting ready to put forth leaves. The Black Lace Elderberry bush is going to be pretty!!! The leaves are so dark! And I was ready to get Kellie braced for her hydrangea bush because I hadn't seen any buds on it yet ... until last night!!! It's going to be fine! Yesterday was an absolutely fantastic day!

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