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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Can They Do That?

I just figured out what the 2 mystery plants are in my herb garden. They are hostas! The green kind with the white edges! I don't remember planting them there this past year. I may have when we moved in because I was in such a hurry to get the plants I brought over from the house we rented and get them into the ground. Actually I know I didn't plant them there last year because one of the hostas is in between 2 chive plants, and when I say it is in between the two chive plants, I mean it is so close to both of them that it would have not made any sense to have planted it there. Not a hosta, anyway. So I have to move them to the east side of the shed. Those hostas haven't come up yet. I am a bit concerned. The butterfly bush over there also hasn't budded yet. My sage hasn't come up and neither has the thyme. It should, tho. There are other things that just haven't poked through yet. It is a bit early. The columbine looks fantastic! I can't wait to get my other columbine planted, but I'm not entirely sure where it is going to go. I think I'm going to have to move the established columbine as well to make room for more herbs. We'll see. I may just leave that right where it is at. I have to bring my rototiller over to my brother's house to have it repaired so I can till the soil along the house for the other part of the herb garden. And this weekend I have to move the blueberry bushes out of the back yard so Luke doesn't pee on them anymore. Harley likes to eat the branches as well. They destroyed 1 blueberry bush and another is much shorter than the remaining 4. Only one good dog, I suppose --- Kayleigh!

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