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Monday, April 26, 2010


We now have a total of 8 chickens. 6 are ISA Browns and 2 are Ameraucaunas. The coop is not yet finished. Our 2x4s weren't long enough Saturday, so we had to get more after visiting people in the hospital. A friend of ours had a stroke and Chris' sister-in-law is also in ICU. We did go to that sale in Fremont, however, and because of the foul weather, it was a bust. There wasn't much there. So we went to the Ravenna auction where I got a number, but we had to get to Grant to buy chickens at 12:30, so we missed out on the plants and part of the chicken sale at the auction. When we got back to the auction after picking up 6 chickens from Grant, they were auctioning off chicks, ducklings and baby turkeys. They hadn't gotten to the chickens, but there was so much to go before that we decided to go home, drop off our new chickens and have some lunch. Oh, I did forget to mention that we had farm fresh fried eggs for breakfast! They are so very good!!! I don't know what those white things are we have in the fridge ... they don' taste right! I had a good look in the garden, too, and I have peas, spinach and romaine popped up as well. After all the work we did on the coop, we have a fantastic door from the chicken coop to the garden, and we're ready to work on more. We are out of chicken fence, so we have to buy more. In fact, if our original chickys had their wings clipped, we would be able to let them out into the new part, but our 2 originals can fly. Enough.

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