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Monday, January 11, 2010

Peeking in at the seed aisle

My daughter and I stopped at Flowerland the other day just to peek in and see what might be new in plant-land. We looked at all the indoor plants, and checked out the after Christmas sale items, and walked through the outdoor gardening section that was filled with bird-feeders of all sorts and varieties as well as suet and bird feed. A weekend birder, I'm all stocked up on that. Then, just before we left, we saw the new seeds for 2010. We looked at them all, wondering if what we might be planting this spring. There are purple cherry tomatoes we might just have to try to seed-start and blue pumpkins to rival the recently new white ones (Our white pumpkins didn't grow this year). I've decided NOT to even bother with corn this year. I just can't grow it. I've had smut problems and earworm problems. This past year, I avoided the bugs and smut, but when the corn was about 4 inches high, something swooped down into my garden and pulled up several seedlings. Then, when it was about time to harvest it, some sort of critter came in and scratched the corn ears all up, turning them to rot. I am NOT doing corn. I just can't grow it!

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