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Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm going to try to work on a gardening blog. It's January in Michigan, and I'm just starting to plan. I am currently researching perennial herbs to add to my herb garden, and I'm also considering expanding that herb garden along the east side of my house. There is plenty of sun, but not enough to be scorching. My current herb garden runs along the wooden fence that goes from the east side of my house to the shed which houses our well and freezer. Later this spring, that same shed will also house our chickens. My vegetable garden is in a large fenced in area behind the shed. Part of the walkway to the garden from the back yard will become the chicken coop. I'm going to expand my vegetables behind the barn, lining the drainage ditch that divides the main part of our property and the back 6 acres of field we rent to a neighbor farmer, currently for corn. The garden area behind the barn will mostly be for our pumpkins, gourds, melons and squashes. I'm also considering planting sweet potatoes this year as I love them dearly! I just have never planted them before, and I'm not sure about the deer and rabbits getting into them out there. As far as the rest of the vegetables, I'm going to have tomatoes and green beans for certain, and purple beans and was beans, but more purple beans this year. They were so tasty last year! I had a great bean crop last year and froze so many that my family has been enjoying over the winter.

To get back to my herb garden, I have thyme, sage and chives, as well as lemon balm and catmint. I would like to find out about other herbs that are Michigan hardy perennials.

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