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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Getting ready

January 14 may be a little early to start getting ready for the spring growing season, but there is no reason not to get prepared. I've learned a few things since my last post. First, in Zone 5, where I'm at, I can start my snap peas right in the garden in the beginnin of April! Wow! And when they are done, I can pull up the plants and start a second batch of beans in their place. Maybe with the earlier growing season, the peas will fare better. I'm definitely having two garden areas: one fenced in, and the other for spreading, viney plants that will be behind the barn where it can go nuts into the cornfield. I also picked up a couple of seed starting kits with plastic domes so I don't have to try to make my own. That will make a huge difference this spring when I start some plants indoors as early as the beginning of March. Oh, I'm so excited! It's a good thing I have a couple of bird feeders outside to keep me from exploding from spring fever. There are a couple of barn projects that need to get done as well as some painting in the house. I really need to get on some of that stuff!

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