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Monday, June 6, 2011


This past weekend came and went like a whirlwind! Friday I had to leave work because my mind was just totally blown, and I could not function any longer. My thoughts were a mess, and rather than spoil any ads, I thought it best I just leave. I picked Kellie up from her trip to Chicago. The bus was a half hour late, and I met Chris at home. We ate grilled hot dogs outside on the deck. Chris and I candled all the eggs in the incubator and took out 6 that didn't look like they had any in them. I was correct on 5. The other did have a little chickie in it, but I cut short his/her life. Sorry! Saturday I was able to sleep in a little. Then it was off to drop Kellie at a friends house because she had a Girl Scout event at Blandford Nature Center to do some cleanup and volunteer work. I received a phone call from someone inquiring about little Evan, our last pygmy goat to be sold. I already had someone who said he'd call me in the morning, so I had to tell the guy that I'd call him if this other guy didn't call. I phoned someone I'd seen on Craigslist that had free blackberry bushes, and I dug up several and brought them home. The other guy didn't call about the goat, so I called the one that called in the morning and told him that Evan was his. He was excited and said he'd phone me when he'd be able to come out and get him. I told him I had to leave for the day at 3pm. He was fine with that. I stopped at the auction to see if they had any fertilized turkey or maran eggs, but no luck. They did have some blue maran chicks, but we're not ready for chicks yet. We have 2 weeks to put together a brooding box out in the coop, and move the freezer and the other junk out of that shed. I planted my blackberry canes and watered them well (However, they look as if they are dying now - but that's to be expected. They'll com back with a vengeance. I've planted berries like this with far less roots and had them come back well.). I started pulling out the large weeds from what will be our main vegetable garden out back. The guy who was getting Evan called and said he'd be over by two. I had our goats out in the backyard and was just bringing them back to their pen when he pulled in the driveway with his family. I was dirty and sweaty and apologized for my presence. I caught Evan and traded him for $65 and said good-bye. Then it was off to the shower to get pretty for a graduation party and a Whitecaps game. The Whitecaps won, but Kellie was the only one of us who really paid attention to what was going on. Sunday's praise and worship time was FANTASTIC!!! It was so much fun playing music like that!!! We really had it together, and I'm sure it's because of all the additional prayer! Wally's message hit home. Kellie and I stopped to get Chris some ice cream, and we also got some milk. We stopped at Subway and headed home. We brought the goats to the backyard again and after eating and resting a bit, we headed off to the back garden. With prayer, I was able to rototill a nice-sized section, but I'm only about half done. Hopefully, this week i'll have it nicely tilled and retilled and tilled again and ready to plant by next Sunday.

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