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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Started

Monday evening I was extremely industrious. While I was making dinner, Kellie and I planted brussel sprouts, cabbage (red and green) and kohlrabi. Finally I have something in my little 4-shelf greenhouse. Sunday I put a temperature gauge in there and kept it zipped all day and it got to 99 degrees! I made sure to unzip it and pull up the sides yesterday, but today it remains zipped as there isn't any sun and it is alternating between rain and snow at home. Here at work it's just been raining. I don't imagine the little greenhouse will get too warm. I may plant more this weekend rather than waiting until the book says I should. I may start my tomatoes!

The kids are doing great! at less than a day, yesterday the new ones are bounding around and having a high old time. Sunday we get rid of Freddie for a month as he will go to breed other does, and we get a shed in return. GREAT deal! I'll end up with a 6'x6' greenhouse. It is wonderful! It will go just behind the barn in the field by the squash garden.

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