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Monday, November 29, 2010

winter is coming ...

Well, Chris and I got some more winterizing done Saturday in the barn. We moved some wood, put some stuff away, put the non-running lawn tractor up on boards and picked up hay for the goats. We also picked up a new burn barrel because we went to empty out the old one and it cracked apart. The ring at the top came right off. So I emptied that out and got the bottom and the top ring that broke off put into the trailer that is full of crap to be emptied out at the dump. It would be nice to get that done. We don't have much that has to go to the dump, but it is a trailer full. We need to get a permanent plate for our trailer. Anyway ... I got the Christmas lights up Sunday evening. I even used our tree lights and put them on the crimson king maple and the crabapple tree as well as putting up our icicle lights, szchoop tree, snowflakes and reindeer. It was fun. Now it's time to get the inside of the house ready for winter - in other words, it needs a good cleaning --- from top to bottom. If I'm going to be spending much time inside (and that usually happens when the temps fall), I'm going to want to be in a clean house. I got a good start with cleaning our bedroom. Most of that stuff is now sitting in the living room waiting for a new home. I got the counter and the table all cleaned up and put the red tablecloth out with a few Christmas decorations. I'm getting excited! I even think we have it figured out what Alex is getting for Christmas ... which reminds me ... I was going to check on Kellie's gift!!! Chris will be all set soon.

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