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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Well, I didn't ...

Well, I didn't get my garden boxed last night. We had a thunderstorm instead, complete with a tornado watch. It was quite intense - even got the dogs a little nervous with the thunder. Our golden hates loud bangs and will try to flee any situation. It's not good when we have our annual Guns and Grillin' event, because she is just terrified of the loud noises. But she finds a place under the bed and stays. She's pretty good about it all. Our doberman doesn't seem to be bothered by the loud noise which is kind of nice. I only hope that our golden doesn't teach her that she needs to be scared of it.

So that was my night. I paged through a new-to-me gardening book. I'm really getting into all of this. I skimmed through the annuals section and took a bit more time with the perennials section. To me, perennials just make so much more sense, unless you have annuals that are really good at reseeding themselves. You don't have to purchase and plant them every single spring. It just makes so much more economical sense. It is also nice to have your perennials grow and get big enough to divide and then you can sell the divisions if you want and make a little money, or you can keep them and just expand your perennial garden. I planted some cilantro that was done at the beginning of spring as a plant. It was done and gone to seed by August when I was hoping to have it to make salsa with my tomatoes and peppers, so I had to buy some. Now, because this fall has been rather warm, it has reseeded itself and I have baby cilantros growing. I need to cut some this evening and freeze it or dry it because we're getting a "wintry mix" and possibly some "snow" by this weekend. So hopefully it won't be rainy or nasty outside tonight because I have to get my little jobs done tonight!

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