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Monday, January 14, 2013

He's Up!

I had helped Porterhouse up to his feet, and we (Porterhouse & I) decided to take a turn around his pen. We'd done it once in the morning with him stumbling, but still making it all around the stall, but it was tough going. This time, he spent so much more time up, and as we got around the turn, he decided to stand up! And then he stayed up! He stumbled over to his feed with my help, but didn't go down. He stayed up! On his own! I didn't hold him up! It was fantastic! Then he took a few steps to his hay and started eating that, standing up! Then he took steps to where he'd been laying, then back to his feed! Then over to his hay! Oh, it was wonderful! He's got a ways to go, as we can now tell that his front right ankle has been injured. He favors it quite a bit. But standing on 3 legs is better than not standing at all!

I have pictures, but I can't upload them at the moment. Sorry!

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