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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Getting about time

First of all, Porterhouse is doing much better. He can almost get himself all the way up. He's getting so much stronger! Since we have such a small farm, it's not as difficult for us to maintain turning him and keeping him warm and dry and keep his poop away from him. It will be awhile before we let him out of the barn, but he's got to get up first before I start counting those chickens.

Now, on to the goats! Ginger is getting ready for birthing. It's a good thing, too, because she's getting huge. Now, her udder is just starting to fill and her back end has swelled. It's just a matter of time. As soon as her udder totally swells, we'll know there's only about 24 - 48 hours before she gives birth. And here I thought Lily would be first! This is just insane!!! I'm so excited for kidding time. Those little things are just adorable when they are first born. It's funny, but most people think that pygmy goats are a bit standoffish and not liking much affection. I've found that if the kids are raised with lots of attention, that they just love to be handled and cuddled. My daughter loves that this is her best job - to love the little ones! Not a bad job for a 15 yr. old. Pygmy goats are great for the fair as well as you don't have to trim their coats. You can just leave them shaggy.

Finally, it's getting about time to butcher those doggone ducks ...

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