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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby Goats? ...........

No baby goats yet! It gets frustrating to enter the barn day after day expecting to see something new in the girls' pen! I at least expect to see Lucy's udder expand and her be ready to deliver! I think my sister may be correct and Naomi had a falst pregnancy ... She is just not pregnant. It's not like you can have her pee on a stick either and find out the same way you can with people. Lily is still growing ... poor, fat little doe!

On another note ... the onions I froze from our garden just ran out this past Sunday. I had my sister over with her family and put a couple of venison roasts in the crock pot with onions and carrots and other herbs and spices. That was the end of the onions. I'm looking forward to this summer! I will have onions in the garden again! And carrots ... and purple beans ... and tomatoes ... and peppers ... jalapenos ... poblanos ... sweet bell ... cabbages ... squash ... oh, the squash!!!!!

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