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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby Goats?

Went in the barn and did chores this morning. Naomi and Lucy were hanging together, but something didn't look right with Naomi. She had lost her big belly! I looked all over their small pen for signs of a baby, but didn't see one. She has a small bloody discharge, but her udder hasn't expanded yet. Her tail is definitely UP! The baby seems to have moved into position. I watched them eat for a couple of minutes this morning. Naomi is looking rather unpregnant, if not ready to give birth ... while Lucy is looking like her baby was going to explode out of her side! Talk about kicking! Lillie is coming along nicely, as well, with her prenancy. I'm not ready to move her yet with 2 goats already in the birthing pen.

Hopefully Chris can pick up some straw after work this afternoon. I'd love to, but I didn't bring any rope.

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