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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Growing Turkeys

We have one more egg to hatch! That will make twelve! This was a pretty productive process in all. We started out with around eighteen eggs, and through candling, we narrowed that number down to thirteen. One chick died (not Miracle Max - she's still growing strong!), and one egg didn't hatch. We have eleven chicks right now, the oldest being Miracle Max and the youngest being the two that hatched yesterday. Miracle Max is almost three times the size of the young chicks. All eleven chicks are in a bin on top of my dryer in the house. Even with the heat lamp, it's still too cold out for them to be outdoors. We clean the bin out every day. If we didn't my mud room would stink up the entire house!!!!

And finally, Camilla (one of three white Amercaunas
we hatched last year - they are all named Camilla)
checking out the view from the deck ...

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