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Thursday, July 8, 2010

My garden last night ...

I cannot believe how much this has grown in just a few days. Last night I pulled out all of the lacy (due to junebugs) spinach and the weeds that went along with it and planted 8 more cabbages and 3 more tomatoes (we picked up 12 cabbages and 8 more tomato plants free the other day). It looks rather neat right now. I have a few onions ready, and a few turnips, but I'm not picking them yet. I'll get the turnips in a couple of days. That will make room for others to grow bigger as well. We're looking forward to eating the turnip greens as well as the root vegetable.

This is my newer herb garden. It needs mulch to keep the weeds down.

And this is the older, established one. The shasta daisies and coneflower in there have grown waist high!

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