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Monday, June 14, 2010

New Goats

A week ago we picked up Nanny from a family up in Grant. She's older, about 4 or 5 would be my guess. She has mastitis, in that she has the swollen teat, but not any of the other symptoms such as a fever or a hot teat or not eating or being lethargic. We put her in with the other goats right off for a couple of days. Freddie made off with her right away for two days straight. Poor thing. She looked so pathetic. In researching treatment for her mastitis, I ran across that her teat would need cooling to get the swelling down. So we separated her out and I started a nearly twice daily regimen of washing her teat with cold water. It did nothing. Then we added Lily, our very shy, very curious, white pygmy goat to her pen. We kept them together for nearly a week before putting Nanny back in the pen with the rest of the goats. When we put her back in, she was at first a bit shy, but yesterday, I spent some time out there with her and she is chasing off our head goat, Naomi, and bounding around the pen with the others like she was made for it. She has the most adorable sparkle in her eyes! Her legs are a bit stiff, but she is happy! She is so FAT! Oh, about her mastitis, I'm waiting for TSC to call me with a teat catheter so I can express the bad milk stuck in her teat. That should solve the swelling problem. Another item to add to my goat medical kit.

This past Friday, we bought Ginger. She was born about a month ago, and is an absolutely gorgeous 1/4 Nigerian dwarf/3/4 Pygmy goat. Her face is brown, streaked with tan and black. Her body is tan with white mixed in, and she has the classic Pygmy two-toned coat. She will throw beautiful kids! I'm so looking forward to seeing her baby(ies) next spring! She will probably be out last to breed because she was born late, but that will be fine. They can't all kid at the same time!!!
Oh, and I still can't find my pickling cucumbers! Where in the world are they?

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